5 Reasons Why Ubud Tours Is So Popular

Ubud tours is one of the best tours that you can have in this world. This place has become a favorite holiday destination for people from all over the world. Surely you want to be part of this amazing experience. There are many reasons why people love to stay in Ubud and explore the area, let us see here.

5 Reasons Why Ubud Tours Is So Popular

Balinese Dance

Ubud is well known for its culture, you can find many dancers live in Ubud. Each time you visit a village, they usually have their own dance. You can see the famous Legon dance in Peliatan. Or you can also stop by in Teges to watch the epic Mahabharata dance. Another famous dance is Kecak which you can see in Mawang and Padang Tegal.


When you explore Ubud’s street, you will see a lot of local craft shop that sell various craft. From accessories made from beads, to clothing from local designers, everything available around you.

If you want more of this Ubud tours, then you can try to go to local galleries that display amazing items from the local artists. Try to visit Neka museum, Rudana Gallery or Blanco Museum where you can see amazing arts that you will never forget.

A healing places

Ubud is a place of healing for your body and soul. You will feel really calm and relax after you get here. Start your day by mediating while surrounded by green fields that you can see across the skyline.

If you want, there are a lot of Yoga places that you can visit around Ubud such as Yoga Barn which offers a lot of healing yoga classes. You can also try to stay in The Soulshine a yoga center in Nyuh Kuning. Staying there will surely make you feel refreshed.


Another thing that Ubud is known for is the food. You will be able to enjoy delicious food made from the freshest ingredients. Do not be afraid to try Balinese food since they are very amazing. You will be able to satisfy your taste bud with luscious cuisine that you cannot find anywhere else but Ubud tours

Go back to nature

No, we are not saying you have to go down to the mud. But in Bali you will be able to lose yourself while surrounded by the beautiful environment to try and find yourself once again.

So, do not be afraid to go into the nature since Ubud has a lot of amazing natural places. It would be easier for you to enjoy the view by riding on an electric bike in ubud tours with Ebikes Bali. You can explore Ubud through the village street only local would know.

Take your bike and have ride in the Abangan hill then go across the Kadewetan rice field to feel the amazing breeze that flows over Ayung River. You can go even further to Tegalalang to see the beautiful rice terraces.

As you can see, there are a lot of Amazing things that Ubud can offer to you. This is why a lot of people from all over the world love to visit the place. You can experience all of those things through Ubud tour.

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